Premier League — 12 June 2013
Happy One no longer Special One

The most controversial man in football has only been in his new job a matter of days, and already he is causing a stir.

Jose Mourinho was officially unveiled as the new Chelsea manager only a number of days ago, and in that time, he has already told how senior stars such as John Terry and Frank Lampard will not be automatic choices, how he damaged Spanish football and how he is the now self-proclaimed “Happy One.”

La Liga Legacy

During his time with Real Madrid, the two time Champions League winner, managed to, in his eyes, break the dominance of Barcelona. He told reporters: “I damaged Spanish football by being the coach who ended Barcelona’s dominance. Real Madrid won in Barcelona, Real Madrid won the Copa del Rey, Real Madrid won the championship – a historical championship as it was the one of 100 points and 121 goals. I hurt them.”

But did he really break their dominance?

In three years in Spain, the 50 year old won one La Liga title, a Copa Del Rey and the Spanish Super Cup. During the same time, Barcelona won two League titles, one Copa Del Rey, a Spanish Super Cup, a Champions League title, the European Super Cup once and finally, the Club World Championship.

Mr. Mourinho, I know you’re controversial, but sometimes, the facts just don’t lie.

Even his own personal record against Barca doesn’t lie. In 17 clashes against the Catalan side with Real, he only won five times, drawing six. Obviously, he is a great manager, but sometimes he really does just talk absolute rubbish.

Which leads me on to my next point. In my opinion, Frank Lampard is the best attacking midfielder which the Blues have in their squad, and John Terry is still a great defender, although he is getting on a bit; and with the numerous options in defence, it could be expected that the club captain would have to fight for his place in the match day squad. However, Lampard is the only player in the Chelsea midfield which I can say will score goals throughout the season. Edin Hazard, Juan Mata, Victor Moses, Ramires and Oscar are all talented players, but between the five of them, they managed to score 61 goals in 275 appearances combined, averaging out at 12 goals in 55 games each, whilst Lampard managed to find the net 17 times in 48 games.

That surely means something?


Lampard scored 17 goals in 48 matches


Throughout his managerial career, Mourinho has had a number of fall-outs with figures of high standing, or at the very least, high importance, at clubs. These have ranged from dropping Real legend, Iker Casillas from the squad, falling out with Inter Milan and Italy defender, Marco Materazzi, and obviously, the initial fall-out with Roman Abrahmovich during his first spell at the Bridge.

I don’t know whether it is just his personality, or if it is he simply doesn’t get on with some people for one reason or another, but where ever he goes, he seems to fall out with someone.

Now he is looking to be called “The Happy One!” The Happy One? Come now Jose, I have seen pictures in the press of you after winning a title and you’re not smiling. Hardly a happy man. He has put his new nickname down to being “calmer” and how he is “where I want to be [Stamford Bridge].”

Calmer?! When Inter Milan knocked Barca out in the Champions League a few years ago, I distinctly remember you jumping about like a madman in the post-match celebrations. Obviously, that was a number of years ago, so I won’t hold that against you.


Mourinho won 6 trophies in 3 years during his first spell at Chelsea

Class act

Take nothing away from the manager, he does do a great job at managing the sides he has been at. During his time at Porto, he took them from a side finishing third, to one of the best sides in Europe at the time. He then changed Chelsea, granted with financial backing, into one of the best sides in England. Then to Inter, he continued the revival which was started by Roberto Mancini, winning the Champions League in his final season. Then finally, Real Madrid. In the season before he joined, Los Blancos were knocked out in the last 32 of the Segunda Division B side, Alcorcon, and hadn’t won a trophy in two years.

There is no denying that Mourinho is a great manager, as I have just highlighted with his success at several clubs, but sometimes he really should just let his achievements do the talking. Football does need characters, but I just don’t think that some of the things that he says are acceptable, never mind accurate.

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